Sunny Isle Pure Tea Tree Oil -1oz

Sunny Isle Pure Tea Tree Oil -1oz

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Do you want to keep your hair, skin, and nails healthy? Start using Sunny Isle’s Pure Tea Tree Oil today! This organic, healthy, and harmless oil is proven to have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. It’s no wonder that our Tea Tree Oil is a vital tool in your beauty toolbox!

Conventional treatments not working? Sunny Isle’s Pure Tea Tree Oil can successfully treat a variety of hair, skin, and nail conditions. But don’t forget about the soothe factor! Blemished skin, damaged hair, and infected nails can irritate and inflame. Our Pure Tea Tree Oil will provide you with a soothing feeling of relief.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduces Acne
  • Treats Nail Fungus
  • Improves Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot
  • Soothe Psoriasis
  • Relieves Eczema
  • Reduces Itchiness from Bug Bites
  • Minimizes Dandruff
  • Reduces Itchy Scalp
  • Contributes to Healthy Hair
  • No Chemicals
  • Prevents Build Up of Chemicals and Dead Skin
  • Keeps Hair Healthy and Moisturized

Sunny Isle Pure Tea Tree Oil is a natural wonder. It’s ability to combat irritating skin conditions and rejuvenate damaged hair are tough to beat. When used in combination with our other products you’ll experience a glow in your hair, skin, and nails that will make you want to add it to your lifelong beauty regimen.


    Our Promise

    Sunny Isle is dedicated to bringing authentic, high-quality, Jamaican Black Castor Oil and other organic hair and skin care products to women and men of all hair types, skin types and ethnicities.

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